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This farm is established on rented land located on the outskirts of East Peoria - almost to Groveland - and just a couple miles off of 74, Down River Farm is a short ten minute drive to Downtown Peoria.


Two acres of vegetables and flowers surround a farmhouse built in 1867 and a 1920 Sears Roebuck dairy barn. With a history so dense, it's hard not to feel nostalgic when you step onto the property.

Down River Farm's vegetables grow beside Kira's Flowers creating not only a healthy, biodiverse and regenerative system, but also one that is aesthetically beautiful.


By growing veggies and flowers side-by-side, pollinators and beneficial insects are encouraged among the diverse landscape. This creates a system that mimics nature in ways other farms can't.


Surrounded by corn and soybean fields, we hope to keep this land out of the clutches of further crop exploitation and residential development. 

We thank Dave Bishop, a friend and fellow farmer, for the opportunity to farm here. This land has been in the Bishop family for generations dating back to the Civil War era.

About Down River Farm

Down River Farm is on rented land that has been in Dave Bishop's family since the Civil War era