The Community: Getting your Dose of Nature's Medicine

Without community, the world seems pretty empty. Sharing ideas, empowering individuals, being informed about local happenings, putting money into small businesses and knowing your neighbors is what has sustained societies for thousands of years.

The farm aims to follow this model as well. By purchasing compost from a local company in Peoria, cover crops and other supplies from local seed companies (Kelly Seed), getting bulk items from Peoria Brick Company, and of course all of our everyday shopping. We put our money where our mouth is when it comes to purchasing as many of our goods locally as possible. Not to mention that we sell to numerous outlets around town to allow more folks access to our food.

Ardor Bread and Provisions (location on Water and State) regularly purchase our food to reinvent how we think about vegetables and bread and their interplay.

Sous Chef is a local independent grocery store that buys produce from local farmers and makes them into ready-to-bake meals for those days you're feeling tired or just down right lazy.

Lastly, Heritage Farmers Market in Pekin on Route 9 carries our produce during the busy time of the year. This country style grocery store allows you to also get your pick of produce and meat from other local farms, as well as preserves such as jams and pickles of all sorts.

We want our farm to be a hub for the community. We have hosted dinners with local chefs, organized tours, and held events with other local artisans at the farm. Once COVID passes, we plan to continue hosted numerous events on the farm. To keep a small amount of folks seeing the farm throughout the seasons we sell vegetables through our CSA with a pick up at the farm. In order to further reach community members, we also offer online ordering for delivery or pickup as well as selling at the Morton Farmers Market and the Peoria Riverfront Market.

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Our Annual Fall Open House allows folks to enjoy the farm;    Photos by Madison Schwindenhammer Photography

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