Mother's Day Boxes

We will be offering prepaid boxes of items with the option of farm pickup or delivery for this Saturday, May 9. We are experimenting with this as an option to keep you all stocked with fresh produce during this crisis. Again, we are trying this out to see how it works for you and for us. Because we have limited employees, for now we will only be making prepacked boxes, with items we choose. If we can get the logistics down on these, perhaps we can offer a more "a la carte" option later on. 

On-Farm Pickup:

Simply place an order and you can pickup at the farm between 10 AM and 12 PM or between 1 and 3 PM on Saturday, May 9. 


For an additional $10, we will deliver straight to your door with no interaction necessary. All we ask of you is that you please leave a cooler outside with some ice packs to keep the greens fresh. We will deliver on Saturday, May 9. IF YOU DO NOT LEAVE A COOLER OUT, we will drop your items and ring your doorbell. So if you won't be home/don't want to be disturbed, leave a cooler outside. 


Please click products below in order to order. When we are sold out, we are sold out. Thanks for being part of the experiment! 

"Mixed" Share

  • 1 bag salad mix

  • 1 bag spinach

  • 1 bag stir fry greens/flowers

  • 1 bunch Asian or Mongolian chives

  • 1 bunch "Baby" scallions

  • 1 bunch green garlic

"Greens" Share

  • 2 bags salad mix

  • 2 bags spinach

  • 2 bags stir fry greens/flowers

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