Down River Farm Online Thanksgiving Orders/Deliveries

Because we have less staff over the winter, we are trialing a new way of getting winter produce to you! Instead of harvesting every item a la carte, we are launching a new Winter CSA program in which you pay by the share. Each share will have a specific set of products and this will allow us some flexibility with the changing weather while also letting us help you discover new vegetables. The contents of each share will go out over the weekend, then they will be delivered on the following Wednesday! All shares will be $35 and that includes the price of delivery! They will also include a recipe card so that you have some ideas for how to cook the produce in your share!

This week's share will contain the following:

  • Recipe card containing different ways of using these vegetables

  • Chinese cabbage - 1 bunch

  • Tatsoi - 1 bag 

  • Head Lettuce - 1 head (depending on size)

  • Fresh Red Radishes - 1 bunch

  • Cilantro - 1 bunch

  • Fresh Carrots - 1 bunch

  • Two clamshells of microgreens (great for putting on salads, soups, or sandwiches and highly nutritious!)

  • Korean Daikon Radishes - 1.5 pounds

  • Brussels Sprouts - 1 pint


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