General information and schedule:

We are currently seeking 2 motivated individuals to work in the field Monday through Friday from 8 AM-5 PM or more. Crew members get 1 hour breaks for lunch. Hours are subject to variability based on weather and other scheduling requirements.


Additionally we ask ALL employees to be available 2 Saturdays a month to help with the farmers market (they will alternate weeks). If you help at market, you get the following Monday off. This is because farmers market is where all of your work is validated and much information can be gleaned that allows for better, more informed work on the farm. 

One employee will start in April and one will start in May. Both candidates will likely stay until early December or more depending on if more work is desired by the employee. However, it is likely that hours will decrease in November, we will discuss more in our in-person interview. If part time work is requested, we can discuss your scheduling needs and work together on it. 


We aim to create an atmosphere where employees are able and willing to contribute thoughts to better the systems on the farm. That being said, much of the ways we grow are time-tested and intentionally thought out. An ability to "go with the flow" and put in the hard work is both desired and necessary. You will get dirty, you will be exhausted, you will work in all types of weather, you will have to do tasks that require heavy lifting and repetitive actions. It is important that you have an ability to work alone and can push yourself to constantly improve when not under direct supervision. 

The ideal candidate will have a positive attitude each day, have a desire to learn and grow both as a person and in their work, and have good communication skills. ​We also want our employees to interact with our customers about our food, farming, and cooking. Candidates who have some experience cooking are appreciated! We're trying to create a community between our crew, customers, and the rest of the Peoria. 


Responsibilities include:

  • Seeding, transplanting, and bed prep

  • Harvesting vegetables 2-3 days a week

  • Cultivating, weeding, and general plant management

  • Washing, packing, and processing vegetables

  • Packing the trailer for market or packing CSA bags for pickups

  • Occasionally running errands for the farm (with farm vehicle)

  • Occasional deliveries for the farm (with gas stipend)


  • Smoking or tobacco products are not allowed on the farm for threat of tobacco mosaic virus contamination

  • Must be able to lift 50+ pounds

  • Must be ON TIME to work EVERYDAY

  • Must be willing and able to work in any weather; rain, sleet, snow, heat, etc.

  • Must be able to maintain a positive attitude in less-than-ideal circumstances

  • Time management and the ability to maintain focus for long periods of time will be preferential. One must be engaged at all times, even when doing repetitive tasks

  • Quick learners, independent/forward thinkers, and people who can take initiative will be preferred

  • Applicants must have reliable transportation to and from the farm

  • No experience necessary but a background in a fast-paced work environment/manual labor is preferred. 



Transplanting okra in May

IMG_0771 (1).jpg

Broadforking is one of the main jobs we have to do on the farm to keep the soil aerated and teeming with biological activity.

We even put Poppy to work on occasion. Still working on her ladder skills...