Mutual Aid

Is food sovereignty something you're passionate about? This year, we are partnering up with Peoria Grown to improve access of farm fresh vegetables to folks on the north and south sides of Peoria. Peoria Grown operates a weekly market called Market 309 which brings fresh fruits and vegetables to these communities. There are three different locations of these markets. This allows folks to save some money on these items as well as allowing them to walk there. Peoria Grown also pairs with nutritionists from Bradley to put on cooking classes for both youth and adults in these underserved, underrepresented communities. By doing this, we are ensuring these overlooked parts of our community have the highest quality, most nutrient dense foods. We will work directly with the organization to make sure folks are sent produce that is culturally appropriate and that which they want.


But, we can only do this with your help. We are a small farm that doesn't have the ability to donate our produce just yet. If you have the ability to contribute, it will go directly towards sending produce to Peoria Grown to be distributed. Upon purchase, you will be sent a link to a Googlesheet that gives you the ability to see your donation go into the database, see when that food is delivered, and at what price point. Transparency is key in making sure you know how your money is being utilized and so all parties can be held accountable. Contributions will be combined and then distributed among the growing season to coincide with our harvests. Meaning if you contribute in May, your contribution may not be utilized until September. Rest assured, it will get used the 2022 season. Thank you for your consideration in this project, with your help, we can do something no other farms in this area have tried. We also welcome checks sent directly to the farm: 3404 Springfield Road, East Peoria. Please include in the Memo line "Mutual Aid" and send us an e-mail ( saying a check was sent. 

While this model isn't perfect. We think it is a worthy first step. At this point, we believe that the distinction shouldn't be made between who has the "perfect" solution to a complicated issue, rather who is willing to try SOMETHING. TO DO SOMETHING. We are treating this as a learning experience for all parties involved. We welcome your participation in this trial run as well as your feedback. 

Thank you for your consideration in this project, with your help, we can do something no other farm has tried in this city.