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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you offer half shares?

Yes, we offer a full share biweekly option for those who feel the full share each week is too much food or they don't have time to pick up each week.


Simply, check the appropriate box when filling out the sign up form.

Do you offer exchanges at pickups?

We offer members who pickup at the Riverfront Market to exchange one item per week. Additionally, exchanges are built in to the shares quite often. Sometimes I give members two options such as parsley or dill, potatoes or green beans, and beets or carrots. 

The beauty of the CSA comes from members' willingness to share in the same risks and rewards as the farmer. Therefore, a certain "submission to the elements" is necessary for members to respect, just as the farmer does. They must be willing to eat spinach if the arugula got attacked by flea beetles. This forces us to eat with a more mindful awareness of the fact that this food does indeed grow utilizing only the soil, sun, and rain. 

Additionally, the CSA allows members to experiment with their cooking and tastes to create a more mindful way of cooking and eating.

That being said, we hope to one day add an element of selection, as I know there are certainly vegetables that I prefer over others. 

Do we have a say in what we get?

While I can't offer specific preferences, I REALLY want your feedback throughout the season. 

If you feel you're receiving too much kale, please let me know. If you prefer french breakfast radishes over red radishes, let me know. I like hearing that feedback so that I can better serve my customers in years following. I want you to enjoy the experience and the food so please tell me your thoughts!

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, we offer a payment plant for full share CSA's. $250 at the time of sign up and $250 due by the first pickup. If you sign up after the first pickup, reach out to me and we can work something out. 

Above all else, we want our food to be affordable to anyone who desires it. But we are also a business that requires profits to be sustained.

What if I can't make a pickup?

The easiest way is to ask your neighbor or a friend to pick it up for you.


But if you contact me a week in advance or more, we can plan to give you a double share on an agreed upon date.

Miss a pickup?

Contact us ASAP if you'd like to pick up your share at the farm. If we don't hear from you 48 hours after your pickup time, your share will be fed to our volunteers, friends, or family.

Are there any discounts?



1. Refer a member and receive a 5% reimbursement (that's $25 off a full membership!). These can stack up also! So if you refer 20 people to buy a CSA, your full share for the season will be virtually free!

2. Join Kira's Flowers CSA and receive $50 back on a full share or $25 back on a half share!

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