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2019 Fall CSA

Due to the Riverfront Market ending early (last weekend of September), the Fall CSA begins the second weekend in October and runs for 6 weeks. Specific dates are October 12 through November 16. 6 weeks of delicious fall produce including but not limited to:

  • sweet potatoes

  • beets

  • carrots

  • turnips

  • radishes

  • potatoes

  • brussel sprouts

  • lettuce

  • mustards

  • scallions

  • onions

  • garlic

  • choys

  • napa cabbage

  • cilantro

  • dill

  • chives

  • green peppers

  • salad mix

  • winter squash

  • parsley

  • arugula 

How it Works:

Each Saturday you will come to the farm from between 9 and 11 with your own bag. I will have all of the produce set up in our barn. The first 4 items are items that I choose for you while the last few tables have produce that you can choose for yourself. On the choice tables you will notice wooden dividers in which you choose one item from between each divider. By the end of the pickup you will have 8 items totaling $24 but only costing you $20.You pay for all 6 shares before the first pickup. 

How to Sign Up:

Contact Evan at downriverfarm@gmail.com for more information on signing up. 

These are the approximate sizes of shares you might receive and some examples of the produce you might receive.